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ORTC's aim is to support, promote and increase tennis opportunities in Oak Ridge and surrounding areas.  


Come out and play with us!  

      Oak Ridge Tennis Club is currently an informal collection of individuals that love tennis and want to promote tennis opportunities in Oak Ridge and surrounding areas.  

As of May 2015, ORTC no longer has a formal not-for-profit corporate organizational structure or board; but, interest and energy remains to provide an information clearinghouse for all things tennis in our area on our website, and our Facebook pages and Twitter.  Also, the club email address is still monitored.  Please let us know if you have info to share or questions regarding  tennis in our area.  Thank you for all the years of tennis fun you have provided!  

Here is to many, many more days of fun play .

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Fun Tennis Opportunities in and around
Oak Ridge

Saturday Informal Doubles for Tennis Lovers:
 Every Saturday morning at 9 am on the Jackson Square courts, Rangan Sukumar, the coordinator, will help pair you up or rotate you in for some fun tennis doubles.  (As it gets colder, the group starts meeting Saturday at 1:30pm.)
If it is raining Saturday, play is automatically rescheduled  for 1:30 pm on Sunday. It is year round informal play and a great way to meet other players in our area. 
Call Rangan at 865-474-0519 or email if you have any questions or any comments and suggestions or to check the status of the tennis courts.i
Also, on weekday evenings, players gather regularly for individual matches and doubles play.
(We sometimes call these the "fast lane" guys and gals.)